Highway Traffic Act (HTA)

These are charges that relate to the driving of any motorized vehicle (cars, motorcycles, trucks, e-bikes, scooters).  Convictions under the HTA will not result in a criminal record. However, these driving offences can still cost you. Aside from the fines, your driver’s licence could be suspended, your vehicle insurance could skyrocket, and you may even face imprisonment.

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Many of the offences under the HTA are open to interpretation and police officer discretion. I have the knowledge and experience necessary to cross-examine police officers effectively. I believe in upholding constitutional rights, and I am ready to advocate on your behalf.  


We’ve all been known to hit the gas petal a little too heavy, but the penalties for speeding can affect your wallet, your right to drive, the cost of your insurance, and in some cases your freedom.  The severity of Speeding varies greatly depending on the circumstances. Anything over the posted speed is speeding.  Anything 50km over the posted speed is going to bring a whole lot of other issues!

Racing and or Stunt Driving (50 over)

Often referred to as over 50, racing or stunt driving can bring serious penalties.  The first is the mandatory loss of your vehicle for 7-days; that is also going to cost you in storage fees.  The fines are high and conviction will result in 6 demerit points.  Your insurance is going to substantially increase!  Furthermore, you may be required to lose your licence for a period of time.  A suspended licence could cost you your job.  You can also be imprisoned for up to 6 months.

Careless Driving

As the name suggests, Careless Driving is operating a motor vehicle on a public road without the proper care and attention that is expected of licenced drivers. The loss of 6 demerit points, a high fine, jail, and/or a driver suspension could be your penalty by the court.

Drive while Licence Suspended

All drivers are required to have a valid licence – failure to do so can result in a substantial fine, and for repeat offenders, a possible jail sentence.

Driving while Holding or Using a Hand-Held Device

Distracted Driving is the use of any hand-held (phone, gaming device, gps) device while operating a motor vehicle.  Any device with a safe hands-free mode is exempt; however, a smart watch was recently found by the court to not be a hand-free device.

Failing to Remain at the Scene of Accident

Anyone operating a motor vehicle that is involved directly or indirectly in a collision on a public road must remain at the scene, render assistance, and provide their name, vehicle registration and valid insurance to the police that attend to the scene. Failure to do so can result in a fine, jail for up to 6 months, and up to a 2 years driver’s licence suspension.  

Driving No Insurance

The owner of a motor vehicle is required to be insured in order to operate a motor vehicle on a public road or highway.  The fines are very high for this offence, and if convicted the cost for insurance will likely increase substantially. 

You may qualify for Legal Aid:  See Legal Aid Ontario Information.

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