What defines Drug Importing or Exporting?

Importing a banned substance into Canada or exporting a narcotic to another Country is illegal. Importing means “to bring into the Country or cause to be brought into the country.” An importing offence arises once the drug enters the Country. Even if you were not present when the drugs were imported or did not carry the goods into Canada yourself, you may still be liable.

For the Prosecutor to prove a drug importing or exporting offence, they must prove that you had actual knowledge or were willfully blind (didn’t take reasonable steps) to the presence of narcotics.

How much jail time for import/export of drugs?

As with any drug offence, the jail time you face depends on the type of drug imported or exported, along with many other factors. For example, if you are arrested for importing a narcotic such as cocaine for the purpose of trafficking, you could be facing life in jail.

What to do if you’re charged with drug importing or exporting?

Since drug importing or exporting cases are often based on searches of the person or property, your rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Charter) are engaged. I have experience in in protecting your right against unreasonable search and seizure. This may involve having the drug evidence excluded from the Prosecutor’s case.

Overall, my job as your lawyer is make the process easier for you - to review your case in relation to the charge(s) you are facing - address the court when, and as necessary – deal with the Prosecutor for your matter – and give you the best defence at trial, or plea resolution possible.  Make sure you have a lawyer that understands the law and is prepared to act for you.

You may qualify for Legal Aid:  See Legal Aid Ontario Information.

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