Stunt Driving?

Any person who is found to be operating a motor vehicle while street racing (Stunt driving) can be found to be acting criminally negligent and may be prosecuted by either Summary conviction or Indictment. Any person that causes bodily harm or death to any person while street racing will be prosecuted as an Indictable offence (more severely).

Penalties for Street Racing charges.

This charge is consider very serious, depending on the circumstances (ie: death) could result in a life sentence in jail, but even if there was no death, a significant period of jail could be the result of a conviction.  There is also an automatic driving prohibition from 1-year to life.

What to do if charged with any type of driving offence?

You have the RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT, do so!  Ask to call a lawyer immediately upon being detained or arrested.  Follow the instructions of the lawyer you speak to exactly!  Every word you utter to a police officer will usually result in your conviction in court and possible jail sentence.   Talking will not likely help you, but know that lying to a police officer (Obstruct) could result in further charges or at the very least catch up to you at trial – keep quiet!

Criminal Defence Lawyers

A driving offence is a complicated matter that can have devastating effects regarding your job, your ability to drive a motor vehicle in the future, and your life (obtaining a criminal record). I will assess your case and try to make the entire court process more understandable and easier to handle.   I will go to Court for you, deal with the Crown Attorney for your case, and provide you with the best defence available or help in guiding you to an acceptable plea resolution, if that is your instruction.  Your best results will be with the help of a lawyer.

You may qualify for Legal Aid:  See Legal Aid Ontario Information.

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