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Our lawyers are able to assist you with all criminal and quasi criminal matters.

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Bail Hearings

A bail hearing, or a judicial interim release, is probably one of the most important steps in the criminal justice process.  If you have been arrested, and are being held for a bail hearing, it is important for you and your possible sureties [the person(s)] that will be required to secure your release, to know what is needed to ensure your release from custody.  A person that is released from custody has the opportunity to actively participate in programs if necessary, secure documents that may be required, and work in conjunction with their legal counsel to better prepare their matter.  This is a benefit that isn't often available to people in custody.  Make sure you know what is required for your bail hearing before going ahead.  A failed bail hearing not only will result in you being held in custody until your matter is completed, but can also be detrimental to the preparation of your case.

In some circumstances, a bail review in the Superior Court of Justice will be required to attempt to secure release after a bail hearing in which your release was denied and you have been detained.  Talk to one of our lawyers about your choices.

Domestic Assaults

We can help you navigate the criminal justice system that can often pull families apart.  The effect of a criminal record can not only affect your future, but that of your family's.  Talk to a lawyer to find out your options.


The Liberal Government is promising to change the laws with regards to marijuana, but it is currently still illegal.  A conviction for a drug charge under the CDSA can affect your ability to travel and find employment.  Many drug convictions carry jail sentences.  Talk to a lawyer - Our lawyers are here to help you.


Crimes against property, whether it is fraud, theft, mischief, break and enter, robbery, or forgeries, can all result in a criminal record and a possible jail sentence.  Our lawyers have experience with these matters and can help you navigate the criminal justice system.

Cyber/Internet/Computer Crimes

The laws with regards to your online presence, the use of photos and even dialogue can result in criminal charges.  Criminal Harassment, child pornography, luring, utter threats, distribution without consent are but a few of the laws that are used to enforce this area.  If charged, know that this is sometimes a fluid area of the law that the legislation and courts are developing.  Know your rights, and the case against you.  Talk to a lawyer and have them review your case with you.

Drinking and Driving

When faced with a criminal charge of drinking and driving (Over 80; Impaired; Refuse Breathalyzer), the end result of a conviction can not only affect your livelihood, but also can carry a jail sentence.  These matters can be quite complicated and it is always better to discuss your matter with legal counsel first.

Other Crimes

Regardless of the charges, be it sexual assault, assault, human trafficking, homicide, weapons, fail to comply or breaches, obstruction, perjury, kidnapping, arson, or any other charges under the Criminal Code of Canada or the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) or the Controlled Drug and Substances Act (CDSA), our lawyers have the experience to assist you in your defence of these matters.

Highway Traffic Act and other Provincial Offences

Know what your rights are and what options are open to you before you plead to these charges.  Legal Counsel can give you advice or assist you in court.  Find out now and call our office.

The Criminal Justice System can be very intimidating and time consuming.  The ramifications of a criminal record can have a long term effect on your life.  Get the advice of one of our experienced counsel.  Don't take a chance with your future.


We take the time to talk to you about your case, and ensure that you understand the process, the steps we are taking in that process, keep you informed and provide our professional advice.  But we take your instructions as to whether the matter is going to resolve (plea of guilt(s) or to go to trial.  This is your decision, so we want to make sure you understand your case, so that you can make an informed decision.


Remember - You have a right to remain silent - Do So, until you talk to a lawyer.  You have a right to speak to a lawyer upon being detained, use your right, it is there for a reason - to protect YOU!

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